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Our Energy

Ethical Electric sells clean energy from wind farms and solar farms. We do not sell energy from coal, natural gas, nuclear or oil. There is a simple rule for us: if you burn it, it isn't clean.

Ethical Electric implements the tightest standards in the renewable energy industry.

By making these choices regarding our energy sourcing, we provide you with energy you can trust and the knowledge that you are investing in a vibrant clean energy future.

Our customers use electricity as normal. But every time they pay their power bill, the money is going to support renewable energy. Ethical Electric customers are responsible for adding more wind and solar power to the grid and reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.

Ethical Electric provides public information on our energy mix by state. For more information, you can peruse these reports: District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ilinois, Delaware, New Hampshire, Ohio

Get Clean Energy

For Home

You can have a clean energy supply sourced for your home & make a statement about the kind of future you want for our world.

Wind Farm

For Work

Ethical Electric isn't just for the home. You & your business can choose clean, renewable energy.

Go Solar

Interested in having solar panels installed on your roof?

We supply wind energy from places like the Highland North Wind Farm in Cambria County, PA and local suppliers such as

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